International cooperation

Photo by Daphne Dumoulin

Clinical skills education with an international scope
With over 40 years of experience in clinical skills education, we are passionate about continual innovation within the Skillslab.

In February 2017, we started an official partnership with SHE Collaborates*. A Skillslab task group works together with SHE Collaborates and looks for practical ways to innovate skills education worldwide. We provide on-site trainings in various countries across the globe (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Portugal, Burundi). We regularly provide in-house trainings and tours for international delegations. * SHE Collaborates is an office within the School of Health Professions Education (SHE).

“We learn from each other, we motivate each other, we work together, we connect!
Education is the perfect stimulus!”

                                                  Femke Jongen, Head of the Skillslab department

We are passionate about exchanging ideas and experiences, and the cross-pollination that this process brings about. The enriching experience in other cultural settings with other customs, other ways of learning and other facilities brings about innovation that can then be incorporated into our own skills education. Moreover, the Skillslab staff gets the opportunity to experience and integrate skills education with a more international scope. 

“Worldwide, it’s the students who help us to reflect upon and improve our education.”

                                                  Moniek Steenis, Skillslab teacher


Interested in working together?
Would you like to set up a Skillslab or are you interested in making changes to your current clinical skills education programme? Together with SHE Collaborates, we offer a tailored approach to improve clinical skills education in your own specific cultural setting, both on- and off-site. Get to know the possibilities by contacting SHE Collaborates.

“Globalization creates new cognitive and skill demands on people, and therefore new educational opportunities for schools and teachers.”

                                                 Valérie van den Eertwegh, Skillslab staff